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01_EN:ASAKUSA-Prepaid SIM 3GB 8Days

拡大 ( Size : 139 kb )
価格 : \3,200(税込TaxIncl.)
■Types:Prepaid Data SIM for Japan 3GB/8days and 3GB/30days
■Advantages of our prepaid SIM:[1: Easy activation operation][2: Communication does not stop even when the data capacity is used up][3: Selectable from 2 types according to the length of your stay]
[Our price is significantly cheaper than prices at airport shops.]

Advantage 1: Easy activation operation

When activating prepaid SIM, "APN setting" is required for all products in the market.
In addition, about 70% of the products in the market require additional settings such as passport numbers and credit card numbers.
Aren't you worried a bit about entering personal information?
Our SIM does not require any additional settings and is easy to start using.

Advantage 2: Communication does not stop even when the data capacity is used up

About 90% of the market's prepaid SIMs stop data communication when the data capacity is used up.
Furthermore, 50% of such types where communication would be stopped can not be extended by paying additional fees.
Are you OK if data communication stopped while traveling?
Our SIM would not stop communication even after using up the data capacity, and at least 200 Kbps speed will be kept until the last day of the due date without additional charge, so there is no concern of communication stop while traveling.

Advantage 3: Selectable from 2 types according to the length of your stay

According to statistics, 60% of foreign travelers to Japan are short-term stays within 6 days. On the other hand, travelers from USA, EU, AUG are more likely to stay longer than 14 days.
Our SIM can be selected from 8 days type or 30 days type according to your stay period.

Lastly, there is one more point you should know.
Prepaid SIMs sold at airports are relatively high-priced. As you can guess, the shops in the airport building have to pay a lot of space rent. Depending on the shop, but many shops are adding the cost to the price, and the final sales price seems to be about 20% to 40% higher than the sales price outside the airport.

We can also deliver to your accommodation or to the post office at the airport.
By all means, please consider purchasing on our site.

If you are concerned about purchasing on the web, please email us as we will respond directly. mail:
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